A Guide To The LG G-Slate Tablet

LG G-Slate Tablet Guide

LG’s first Android 3.0 powered tablet device, the G-Slate, is set to go head-to-head with the Motorola Xoom this year as both devices are launched int he UK.

Very little is currently known about the LG G-Slate, other than its demonstration at the recent CES 2011 event there has been no technical information or hands-on reviews released for the tablet device.

We do know that the tablet will be powered by Android 3.0, a custom built version of the popular operating system that has been developed specificially for tablet devices.

In the US, the G-Slate will launch in partnership with T-Mobile, and being a 4G device will be used on their US LTE network.

LG have already mentioned that they will be launching different versions of the G-Slate for different regions which is a relief as the UK doesn’t currently support 4G mobile devices.

With the G-Slate’s main Android rival being the Motorola Xoom, we expect that LG will have opted to use a similar hardware setup. We expect the G-Slate will include dual core processor, 1080p display, 32GB of storage, LTE-support, HDMI, Android 3.0, two cameras (front and rear) and 1GB of RAM.

LG are expected to officially announce the release of the LG G-Slate in the UK during the upcoming Mobile World Congress Event.

LG G-Slate Video