Orange Broadband Guide

Orange Mobile BroadbandOrange have a wide selection of mobile broadband packages to choose from, including 30 day, 18 month and 24 month contracts that start with 500MB of monthly download allowance right through to a whopping 10GB allowance.

Orange offer their mobile broadband services on three animal tariffs Racoon, Dolphin or Panther.

The Racoon tariff is designed for light internet users, with the Dolphin tariff aimed at regular internet users and even includes a Happy Hour of free downloads each day. The Panther tariff is targeted toward serious mobile broadband users and includes either an ‘Unlimited’ option or a 10GB download allowance.

You can ofcourse add extra data usage to any mobile broadband tariff by using Orange’s rolling bundles, priced at just £5 for an extra GB and going up to £20 for 10GB.

Orange also offer a selection of free laptop deals that are bundled with their mobile broadband services.

Orange Mobile Broadband Services

  • Orange offer a great range of pay monthly mobile broadband contracts, including 18 month or flexible 1 month options that include a 14 day guarantee.
  • Choose from a 1GB download allowance to “unlimited” (20GB fair usage limit)
  • Improved high performance mobile broadband dongle offers better coverage, and comes complete with a free MicroSD memory card.
  • Customers of Orange mobile broadband services receive 2 for 1 cinema tickets with the Orange Wednesdays promotion.

Orange Mobile Broadband Reviews